March 23, 2019

In the midst of Bible studies, counseling, and teaching, we have been helping many men who are sick and in need of medical care. Getting sick is not pleasant anywhere, but it is much more difficult to heal in the hot, humid climate of Cambodia. Dehydration plays a large part in many of the illnesses. Pray for our men who fall victim to fevers and various tropical illnesses.

This morning I led a men’s study dealing with sin; the reality of sin, the effects of sin on God, the personal effects of sin, sin’s prevention and it’s cure! It was convicting for all present. We are working hard to get men into the local church, so they can have a church family and be encouraged by their fellow believers. That is something every Christian needs. We need more than just meeting up with some friends at a coffee shop. The local church is where it is happening!

Tomorrow I will teach one final time in the International Church English service. Many of our guys attend that service. Monday we have some medical issues to attend to, and a discipleship training meeting in the afternoon. Tuesday it’s travel time. There is so much more to do here and it is difficult to leave work undone, but it’s always good to go home.

Sick with a fever. He needed two IV bags to be revived.
Men’s Bible study. Well attended this morning.
Stuck in traffic. It has gotten worse over the years.
From the Bridge over the Mekong river.

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