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We completefullsizeoutput_432bd our first day of the Institute for Pastoral Leadership and Development. I am looking forward to tomorrow for day two of our training. The goal is to train up men who can preach and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ.

One of our attendees, Mout Iv (left foreground) from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, came to Cambodia after being deported in 2011. Before his arrest by immigration officials he  turned his life around, had a family and a successful barbershop.  Coming to Cambodia destroyed his business and family. He still has a relationship with his young daughter, via Skype.  Mout has trusted the Lord and has thrived while here.

He has become an accomplished videographer.  I would like you to watch one of his latest projects which shows God working in the Songkrua Rescue Center in Cambodia. All of the children pictured in the video are orphans. They have come to the Center for various reasons; parents who abused drugs, have AIDS, or dropped their child on the orphanage doorstep because of a disability. Some of the residents are elderly with no financial means of caring for themselves.  They grow their own food and the children receive an education. Mout has captured the essence of beauty and love in his video.   I believe Mout’s work will give you hope.


  1. I enjoyed the video, just loved seeing tbese beautiful children praising the Lord.

  2. Mout God has given you many exceptional gifts, none the least of which is your outstanding skill as a videographer! I have reread Pastor Roger’s comments on the post and am in awe at how God shines through your ability to have such a God honoring attitude after being taken from your home and family. Your story brought tears to my eyes as a witness to what Christ within you, the hope of glory, looks like. You are in my prayers.

  3. As it approaches 9:15pm checked to see what time it is there. 11:15am tomorrow. I pray your day is filled with rich experiences. I pray right now that you are able to find peaceful sleep and rest. Thank you Father in advance.

  4. A really wonderful video from Mout. He has done a great job showing the work at the orphanage! I have prayed for him many times.

  5. And very heartfelt video. Sweet to see the smiles on the children’s faces. To see them worshiping Jesus. I so delight in seeing your messages and reports of your journey. God keep your heart mind soul and body while you were gone

  6. All glory to our awesome God for providing me with this opportunity here in Cambodia. Thank you Pastor for sharing, I am in tears and is very humble for you presence and leadership in my life here and now. Looking forward to our 2nd half of the leadership study this morning.

  7. Glad to hear that day one of the conference was a success. Looking forward to hearing about day 2. Great video. The children look so peaceful and content. Thanks for sharing.

  8. Great work being done!Mout Iv’s video is awesome!

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  9. That was so special…thanks for sharing Roger! May God bless all of your work and dedication to this ministry!

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