Facing the Unknown


The sailing ship Dumfries was to be the home of Hudson Taylor for the next six months. It was September 19, and the seas were calm as the ship made its way from Liverpool down the Mersey River headed for the open sea of the Atlantic, then onward to China. The year was 1853, when no one could predict the weather. Hudson’s ship was surely headed to a watery grave.
“We cannot live half an hour now” said the captain shouting over the howling wind and pelting rain. The ship had scarcely left the Mersey when a violent “equinoctial gale,” as Hudson called it, caught them by surprise. The gale steadily increased and for twelve days the ship was battered and torn. Barrels rolled like projectiles across the deck and they feared all was lost.
Imagine facing the unknown like Hudson Taylor? Today, we have sophisticated satellite coverage worldwide that can spot a typhoon or hurricane from space and give warning to sea captains and airline pilots.  I am glad we do.
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