About Hope Now Cambodia


ROGER FEENSTRA, Founder and executive director

Roger is founder and executive director of Hope Now Cambodia.  He is the pastor of Hope Now Bible Church in Fresno, California.

Hope Now Cambodia is a ministry to deported Cambodian/American men who came to the U.S. legally, as child refugees, but were sent back to their country of origin for a crime committed (even non-violent) in their teen and early adult years.

These men have been banished over 9,000 miles from their homes and families with little hope of ever returning. They love and miss their families in the U.S., moms, dads, wives, children…all are left behind.


Hope Now Cambodia brings a ray of hope into their lives. We let them know they are loved and most importantly that God loves them.  We provide a caring relationship, ongoing Bible studies, and other services needed as we are financially able.

In additon to his Cambodia ministry and full-time church pastorate duties, Roger maintains two websites where he publishes a daily Bible reading plan, My Bible Reading Plan, and a daily verse-by-verse Bible study site, Daily Dose of Logos.

He graduated with High Honors from Moody Bible Institute with a Bachelors degree in Biblical Studies. He attended Riverside Community College, Biola College (University), and he received his certificate in Strategic Planning and Management in Retailing from Babson College.

Roger was a member of the U.S. Coast Guard in the early 70s. In 1980 he began a 25-year career with Berean Christian Stores, a national retail bookstore chain. In 2000 he served as president of the company and held that position for four years. Entering full time ministry in 2004, he became Executive Director and CEO of Hope Now For Youth until 2018. Today, his ministry efforts include full time pastorate work, teaching, training, and directing the Hope Now Cambodia ministries.

Carol is a Registered Nurse and will retire from her career in 2019.  She teaches the BibleIMG_0099_2 to children in our Hope Now Bible Church Sunday School and has written a Bible study workbook for elementary age children. Carol is a woman of prayer and knows the importance of presenting requests to the Lord daily.  She has traveled to Cambodia and has seen the ministry first-hand.

Roger and Carol were married in 1975 and have two married daughters and eight grandchildren (Six grandsons and two granddaughters).

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Carol and Pastor Roger Feenstra: Serving the Lord Together Since 1975