Goodbye Phnom Penh, Now in Flight

I said my goodbyes to everyone and boarded my flight in Phnom Penh to Taiwan, and then on to Los Angeles. I am in flight as I write, and if I have a good connection I’ll send this off to you from 35,000 feet.

A few of the men saw me off at the airport.

I want to thank you once again for your support of this unique ministry. It’s really a Barnabas encouraging ministry! These men often feel they have been forgotten. We get to show them that they are not, and that they are loved.


  1. What a blessing for these people so far away to know they are not alone. May they continue to grow in the knowledge of the truth and share it with others. Thank you Roger for this ministry work and the encouragement these people of God get from you and other Right Dividers of sound doctrine!

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