Lost and Found

Forgive me for the delay in sending updates. I have computer issues that I’m dealing with. I really needed to get a report to you. Fortunately I have my iPad mini with me. I’m using it to send this post, although it’s a little bit of a challenge and the editing may not be up to standards!

Health wise I’m not 100%, but I am improving every day. It’s been a busy and rewarding week.

Kosarl and I drove around town the other day and came across the man pictured below. He goes by the name of “Cobra” due to the loss of his arm from a snake bite.

We saw him sitting at a corner cafe table with his head down. Kosarl recognized him as being one of the first group of deportees. I approached him and greeted him. I told him who I was and that I was with Hope Now Cambodia. He said he was deported in 2004 and has been living on the street, homeless.

Over the course of 20 years he simply faded into obscurity.

He’s from Stockton, California, just a couple of hours from me. I asked him how he got his food and he told me “People just give it to me.” He was not rude, but said he didn’t need any help from us. I guess he’s content with his life. I put my hand on his shoulder and prayed for him. He thanked us, and our meeting was over.

For the first several years, when I came to Cambodia, I would scour the city looking for deported men. We found many of them and helped them. But I never came across this man.

Today my ministry has changed, but I miss those days of hitting the streets, and this encounter brought back fond memories.

Cobra, lost on the streets.

I preached two services on Sunday; my second week. After church I enjoyed lunch with pastor Tom, his wife Anna and their family, Along with Mout, his wife Mary, and their two cute kids.

Preaching at International Baptist Church
After church lunch.

Enjoy some of the sights and sounds of Cambodia.

The ice man.
A typical street.
Temples abound in the city.
Flags on the riverfront.
Fruit vendor.

On my way soon to teach Wednesday night Bible study.

More to come. Thanks for your support, love, and prayers.

*reporting from my hotel lobby.


  1. I hope something more comes with your relationship with Cobra. Sights & sounds very intriguing. Praying for continued health & wonderful ministry there. Sandy

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