The Doctor is in The House

There isn’t a lot to report on today. It was a beautiful morning, but my throat was worse last night. I had to call Dr. Tom to the rescue. He came to my hotel to examine me. He checked my ears, looked in my throat, and listened to my lungs. Acute pharyngitis. He said I got it on the plane.

There was a little wheezing from my left lung, but not pneumonia. It was caused from the pharyngitis. He hooked me up with meds and said they would knock out the infection in no time. It’s good to have a private doctor on call 9,000 miles from home. I have already taken the first round, and I will take another right after dinner (2x a day).

Debating and solving theological issues.

After the examine Dr. Tom and I headed for the hotel restaurant for lunch and for several hours talked theology and how best to communicate the Gospel of Grace. That was a fun afternoon!

Tom heading home after a good afternoon.

Earlier in the day, Mout came by and we drank coffee and examined the Scriptures, talked translations, and parenting tips!

Tomorrow night is Bible study. Unless I change my mind, we are going to study Paul’s imperative to not worry, but to pray, from Philippians 4:6-7.

*Reporting from the 18th floor in Phnom Penh.


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