Roger That! First and Second Leg Complete.

I made it over the pass yesterday before the blizzard hit. The Lord opened a beautiful travel window since there has been 16” of wintry mix and snow over the Grapevine in the past 24 hours.

Skirting the Blizzard.
Saying goodbye.

Navigating post COVID through LAX was effortless and quick. I polished off a liter of sparkling water while I waited to check in. The only new thing I noticed is that instead of showing your passport to board, one must stand in front of a camera for facial recognition. It’s a scary thing, but a sign of our times!

Facial recognition devices.

My flight from Los Angeles to Taipei was smooth except for a few bumps about midway through the 15 hour flight. It seems all I have been doing eating. I’m flying EVA Air (A Taiwanese airline). They pride themselves in service; something that has been lost in most “service” sectors post COVID.

I’m in the Star Alliance Lounge in Taipei awaiting my final flight to Phnom Penh. It will be a relief to get there and to see the men. I’m hitting the ground running; preaching in two services tomorrow.

It’s time to get to my gate for boarding soon. Thanks again for coming along with me. I’ll report back after I arrive in Cambodia.

*Reporting from Taiwan


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