Blizzard Ahead

Getting to Cambodia can be a challenge during the winter. I am flying out of Los Angeles, but maybe I should have booked my flight out of San Francisco? San Francisco airport is forty miles closer, and the flight time to Taipei is shorter. But, Los Angeles is nice for me because I know the lay of the land better. Some loathe flying out of LAX, but I feel more comfortable navigating the airport; it is familiar. 

The main drawback with LAX is just getting to it in the winter. There is always a chance of bad weather on the Grapevine, or Tejon Pass, where three converging mountain ranges separate the San Joaquin valley, where I live, to Southern California. The elevation at the summit is only 4,000 feet, but a snowstorm can bring all travel to a slippery, slick, sloppy halt. There has been very little bad weather over the mountains this winter, that is, until today. 

The good news is the blizzard is not slated to hit until later today. But we will see! We are leaving this morning and should be over the Grapevine before the brunt of the storm hits.

Nevertheless, regardless of the weather, this is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.

Beginning tomorrow, February 24, I begin “18 Days Through Paul’s Epistles.” If you want to join the reading with me, here’s the link and an interesting article I wrote on the Apostle Paul that may help give you food for thought as your read his epistles.

I appreciated a closing prayer last night, at the end of his Wednesday night Bible study, from my friend and colleague, Dr. Randy White, pastor of Taos First Baptist Church.

We are grateful dear heavenly Father, for our brother and friend, Roger Feenstra, who is headed to Cambodia doing missions work. Give him safe travels; We pray your encouragement upon him and on Carol, and their work, in Jesus’ name. 

Thank you for your prayers, too, for the journey ahead. I am grateful for those who financially support this unique ministry too. Stay tuned for updates throughout the next couple of weeks.

*Reporting today from Fresno, California.


  1. Praying for safety in your travels to and from Cambodia. For your health and that of your family while away. May the Lord shine his grace and mercy on you.

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  2. Well I can’t seem to find my previous post.
    I am excited to see what God has for you and the people of Cambodia on this trip.
    I pray that you know the peace, encouragement and guidance of the Holy Spirit.
    I also pray for safety and good health. I look forward to your reports as it give me a way to pray and live. Vicariously through your adventures. Blessings to you brother
    Ps my previous comment was done through the contact button

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