Applying for a Cambodia Visa

Imagine what would happen if you tried to enter into the United States without a passport, or in some cases a visa? Oh wait, nothing would happen.

In a normal world, and in countries around the world, entry papers are required for anyone desiring to enter. Cambodia is no exception. In the old days a visa would be purchased from the visa counter once you landed. Then, you’d attach it to your passport and they would wave you past the entry checkpoint. Additionally, in order to leave the country, you had to pay a $25 fee to get an exit visa.

The process today has changed. Sometime this week I will sit down at my computer and complete the process online. I’ll attach a mugshot photo and all the pertinent info from my passport, pay a $36 fee, and hopefully, within a few days receive my visa which I will print, cut out, and attach to my passport. When I step off the plane, I will bypass the visa counter and go directly through the checkpoint to the baggage area. The bottom line is, no visa, no entry.

That’s how it’s supposed to work–or at least that’s how it worked pre-Covid hysteria. Stayed tuned and I’ll update you on the process.

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