Bible Reading for Life

It is a lifestyle and a lifelong pursuit–Reading the Bible.

We live in a time when the Bible is at our fingertips; literally at our beck and call. Yet, it is neglected by so many. Why? It takes work and time to sit down and deliberately read through the Bible. Some passages are hard to grasp with only a cursory reading.  But with a little effort they become clear as day.

There are lots of Bible reading plans available. I encourage my friends to get serious and begin reading one of them. Start somewhere. For those who don’t know where to begin, I write a daily reading program which includes a little devotional/overview of the passage.

The reading schedule, only three or four chapters each day, takes us through the entire Bible in one year. Waiting for January 1st is not necessary. Any day of year is a good time to begin. Let me enourage you to begin today.  To make it easier, add your email address to the subscription box and you will receive a reminder email each day. It is spam free too!

For my Word in the World Bible Reading Plan, click this link and start reading!    The Bible is the complete, accurate, infallible, Word of God…why neglect it? Make it a lifestyle and encourage others to do the same.


  1. Roger, I have been following your reading plan and am truly blessed by it. A couple of days when I didn’t have as much time to sit and read (my preference), I went to a free audio Bible app and listened as I did housework. Thank you for your insights and encouragement.

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