March 26, 2019

I am waiting for my taxi to the airport and have a couple of minutes to send off a quick, final post from Cambodia.

We were so blessed to be able to help one of our brothers get his “smile” repaired. Yesterday, he went in for the final treatment and came out looking terrific. We also had several ultrasounds for kidney stone problems, and checking for Cirrhosis of the liver for one person who is infected with Hepatitis B. Hep B is a problem here due to dirty needles at clinics! It is pure negligence since needles cost only about .5 each. The ultrasounds all resulted in good news!

The person with Hep B showed no signs of Cirrhosis and will be able to take medication to slow it down in the future. The Dr. says the prognosis is good for not developing liver disruption for perhaps 20 years or more.

Today I fly from Phnom Penh to Taiwan, then on to Los Angeles where Carol will be waiting to pick me up. Amen! The first leg of the trip will be with Dr. Tom Johnson who is traveling to Chicago for a medical conference. We are happy to be on the same flight together. After we navigate our way through the Taipei airport we will part company.

By the way…ultrasounds only cost $12 each here!

One of our returnees. A new smile! A new man.

Ultrasound reveals no Cirrhosis
Hep B medication. Would cost at least four times as much in the U.S.

My buddy and partner in the ministry, Dr. Tom Johnson. One of the best!

Blood test for staff member, Van. No HIPPA laws here!
The clinic.
Dr. Tom, always working, day and night. A great inspiration.

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