Praying for Boldness

Kosarl is a believer in Jesus and a good friend. He is a blessing to hang out with. He has a willing spirit to learn more from the Word of God. Kosarl drives a Tuk-Tuk and gives rides to church on Sunday (We have our own bus/tuk-tuk ministry!).

I enjoyed lunch today with Kosarl, sharing from the Bible and encouraging him in his daily struggles. He has a son in the U.S. Army. In Cambodia he has a wife and three beautiful children, 12, 8, and 18 months.

There is a lot of spiritism and oppression surrounding him. His family is entrenched in Buddhism. Being the lone Christian he faces persecution even in his own home. It is difficult to follow Christ in this land. Pray for boldness for these men. Keep Kosarl, and men like him in your prayers.

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