Breakfast Fellowship

The early morning sun was beating down on my back in the hotel restaurant. Two men were sitting a couple of tables over and I noticed they had pulled down their shade so I stood up to do the same. We began a conversation about weather; imagine that!

They were Americans so I asked where they were from, Missouri one of them said. The conversation, somehow morphed into a discussion about collecting Social Security and retirement. One of them mentioned a pastor he knew who was still going strong at 90. I said, “You mentioned a pastor, you must be Christians!” They were.

Segueing from the retirement comment, I told them how the apostle John was 90 when he wrote The Revelation, how Daniel was in his 80’s when thrown into the lion’s den…and…another man a table or two over chimed in, “And Moses was 80 when he began his ministry!” We all laughed and realized we were brothers. He came over and joined us. Just then, another man walked up with his breakfast plate and said, “Are you guys talking about Jesus?” We all laughed. Now there were five of us!

In the photo (from right to left): Rev. Dr. Bob Kendig is 80 years old (like Moses!). He is the coordinator of counseling and follow-up for the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association.

Edgar, next to me is global director of projects for Life Publishers. They print the Fire Study Bible in languages throughout the world.

Bob is the project director for Life Publishers, traveling with Edgar.

On the end is Mike. Mike is a pilot. He lives in China and flies Chinese investors back and forth between China and Cambodia in a Gulfstream IV. Mike and I talked long after the others departed. He is an elder in a Chinese church where persecution is imminent. After about an hour we discovered we have a mutual friend, Mr. Jeff Dixon who is a member at the International Baptist Church.

It was a joy to meet brothers, coming together like a perfect storm all because a comment about the hot sun. It was a blessing.


Behold, how good and how pleasant it is
For brethren to dwell together in unity!”
Psalm 133:1(NKJV)
Left to right: Mike, Bob, Edgar, Roger, Bob


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