A New Name Written Down in Glory

The pastor of International Baptist Church, Dr. Tom Johnson, who is partnering with Hope Now Cambodia, asked if I would lead a discipleship class for some new Khmer believers. He said he would translate for me. My first thought was I didn’t want to do it because of the translation process. I have done it before and it’s so difficult for me to work through translation, but because I knew God calls us all who follow Him to serve at His bidding (not our own) I said, “Sure I will do it.” I am glad I did.

I spent the morning preparing some principles on the importance of studying the Bible, then met the pastor in the afternoon at the cafe where we held the class. It turned out two of the people attending were not believers.

After the hour long class, one of the girls who was not a Christian (and only spoke Khmer), approached pastor Tom and said she wanted to believe in Jesus for everlasting life!

God, in His mercy has given us a way of redemption through His Son Jesus Christ. When one believes in Jesus Christ as the only way to everlasting life he or she is saved! (We are all going to die…what then?). It is not about being good, or doing things in your life to clean up yourself. God accepts you just as you are, He simply says, “Believe.”

This young woman believed the message she heard.

She was so filled with joy afterwards. The other young man who was not saved, still has not believed, but he has heard the gospel.

I am glad I was faithful to God’s calling and was able to be a part of this. I think of that song we sing in our church sometimes, 🎶🎶There’s a new name written down in glory…a sinner has come home!🎶🎶

I never planned to disciple local Khmer, but God had it in His plan. Be faithful in your own life and watch and see what God does.

[Photos: The girl in the striped sweater (Her name is Sreymom, but goes by the name Marie) is the new believer. She was so attentive as I taught. The young man on the end, wearing the blue soccer jersey is Ratanak. He was distracted by his phone! He isn’t convinced yet that Jesus is the One who can save him.]

Dr. Tom Johnson translating.
Teaching the importance of reading God’s Word, the Bible.
Sreymom was attentive to the Word throughout the class.
Prayer changes things!
Ratanak on the end is such a friendly guy. But he is not convinced.
See the joy! These girls are friends and coworkers. Now they are also all sisters in Jesus Christ.


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