Lessons from 35,000 feet

Every seat on my flight has a T.V. Screen. I leave mine off, but glancing around the cabin, various images light up the darkened room. From my seat twelve screens are visible, all showing a different movie. I can’t hear the dialogue, but I see the images.

There is a common thread running through each of the movies I can see from seat 22D; Skin and tough, powerful women. It’s a paradox. On one hand the woman is shown to be as strong, brash, and bold as a man: shooting, punching, kicking, etc. On the other she is being taken advantage of (sometimes by her own doing) and lured into unmarried sex. In essence she’ll become the victim, because the guy will dump her as soon as he lusts for something new. She thought sex meant he loved her! 

It is no wonder our Christian young people are weak in their faith and struggle with understanding their role in God’s plan. They get their education about life, often, from Hollywood. This ungodly instruction is damaging our Christian youth. Boys struggle with how to be men, but young girls especially struggle with their self-esteem. Movies have power over our minds. No wonder Satan is called the prince and power of the airwaves! Billions of people are influenced each day by movies, good and bad.

What does the Bible say?

The Bible has plenty of strong precepts for boys and young men, we can look at those another time. Let’s see what the Bible says we are to teach our girls? Let me warn you, it is a minority view and will not be popular. If you have girls who are older and have not been taught God’s plan, they will bristle at it. That’s why parents must teach this when their children are young. The Godly path of life goes against every fiber of our enlightened culture.

If you didn’t live by these principles when you were young and feel guilty or hypocritical teaching them to your daughters, confess your past to the Lord, and break the cycle. It’s not about you.

The Bible tells us God’s way for girls and young women is all about purity (Meaning: unmixed with any other matter).

Young women are to,

1) Love their husbands (Monogamous lifelong marriage). 2) Love their children (Importance of mothering). 3) Be discreet (Not be tempted by the world). 4) Chaste (save virginity for husband). 5) Homemakers (realize making the home is the highest honor a woman can have). 6) Good (hold to high standards). 7) Obedient to their own husbands (understand even Jesus was obedient to the Father)…(Titus 2:4-5).

These imperatives are very un-Hollywood.

It is not either/or. We can’t mix purity with the world, it is impossible. Don’t let the twisted and perverse minds of Hollywood writers and actors mold you, your children, or grandchildren. 

I am not advocating abstinence from all movies. What I am praying for is that we are careful and discerning about every pixel that presents itself on our screens. “Don’t let the world squeeze you into its mold.” (Romans 12:2).


  1. Amen. When one does not understand and value and instruction of the word of God the foundation is Beyond shaky.

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