A Compassionate Touch

Sokchea felt the touch of the Master’s hand when our staff member Van shared the good news with him several weeks ago. Today, he feels the touch of a human hand as he lie in his sickbed, weakened from the effects of diabetes. In rural Cambodia competent medical help is difficult to come by (notice the crude pole/branch holding up the I.V.).

He is too ill to travel to the city, and even if he could there is no medical transport available. All one can do is hook up to an I.V. and hope for the best. We are praying for our brother and thank God for Van’s compassionate touch and loving care.

[Hope Now Cambodia reaches out to deported men from the United States. We share the good news of everalsting life with them, help them find jobs when available, counsel them in life issues, and provide housing and food in desparate times.  There are over 800 deportees in Cambodia who need love and compassion.  Thank you for your prayers and support.]



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