The Long Road to Recovery


Praise the Lord! Sry Na, our little friend received the surgery to remove a large mass on her face.  After much prayer, the Lord led Dr. Tom Johnson to a plastic surgeon who believed he could perform the required surgery.  Before meeting the surgeon there was not a lot of hope. Dr. Tom related, “I came with no hope but God showed up!”  That is what God does when His people pray.  It turns out there are many cases like her’s which have shown successful results. Dr. Tom met with the Professor of Surgery and found him to be “very compassionate.”

Before the surgery, Sry Na and her mother attended International Baptist Church (Cambodia speaking) for the second time.  They trusted in Jesus Christ and have both become believers.  This makes the surgery even more special.

Dr. Tom scrubbed along with the surgeons so he would be by Sry Na’s side the entire time. This brought great comfort to Sry Na’s mother who anxiously waited.  The first thing an evangelist (Dr. Tom) does, even before a major surgery is share the good news of Jesus Christ with the surgeon.

Time for surgery.  Everything went as planned and the operation was completed successfully.  Now, we help her along the long road to recovery.

Through a chance meeting with Hope Now Cambodia and Streams in the Desert ministry, the Lord has done great things.  Blessed be the name of the Lord.

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  1. I praise the Lord for Dr Tom and his compassion for the lost sheep. I thank God for answered prayer for her complicated surgery success!!


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