Roger’s 2019 Bible Reading Plan

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Start the New Year with the Word of God. Read through the entire Bible in 2019! Each day I will post a passage to read (in chronological order), along with a short devotion I have written, helping explain the passage and some words of encouragement to get you through the day.

If you begin reading today, New Year’s Day, by the end of the month you will have read all of Proverbs, most of 1 Kings and 2 Chronicles, all of Ecclesiastes, many of the Psalms and the prophetic book of Obadiah! If you can read that much in one month, think what a year will make!

We begin with the awesome book of Proverbs.  Everyone should read this book.  Sadly many young people have never taken a glance at it.  Our world would be a different place if it was read and adhered to.

It takes just seconds to register.  Then set notifications (be sure to do this) to “email” or “Push” or both, and you will be notified when I post a new reading each day.  It’s worth your time:

To begin your adventure in the Bible click here:

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