Bread of Life


Back in 1981 I was a young sales clerk at Berean Christian Store in Santa Ana, CA. Our youngest daughter was just born our oldest was 3-years-old. An artist named Rick Dressler sold this print to our store and I liked it so much, I bought one. I remember meeting Rick and him telling me how he shot the photo; “The bread was very dry” he said.

Over the years my children and eight grandchildren, at very early ages, have loved this print. We pointed out and exaggerated the “Breaaad” and “Biiiible” to them. We would say, “Where’s the bread?” and “Where’s the Bible?” and even at 1 year old they would turn and point to it.

Little things in life have impact.

This week I had the print re-matted and re-framed. Most of our grandkids are older now, but still love the photo. Recently I found the artist online.

I wanted to thank him for bringing a lot of joy to our family over the last four decades!


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