The Bond Of Love

No matter where in the world a Christian may travel, there is always a bond of love between God’s people. Tonight Mout and I attended a small prayer gathering with fellow believers from International Baptist Church. It was led by medical Dr. Tom Johnson who moved as a missionary to Cambodia with his wife Anna in 2000. Tom and Anna have four gregarious and engaging adopted Cambodia children.

Their 13-year-old daughter asked me if the next time I came if would mind bringing her some things. I asked her what she wanted and she said, “Sour patch kids!” I said, “How many?”  “About 100 cases!”  I told her she would have to ask her parents, but yes, if they agreed, I would bring Sour Patch Kids for her…but not 100 cases.

We began with Scripture reading from Romans and then by singing Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus. There were eight of us at the prayer meeting: Mout and me, Dr. Tom and Anna, two of their kids, Joseph and Jonathan, Piper (a missionary intern), David from Nigeria, and Maurice.

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Maurice is 18 years old. He is the most mature, intelligent and godly 18-year-old I have met. His father is from Sri Lanka and his mother Cambodia. Maurice attends the university where he is confronted by Buddhism and spirit worship. Maurice did not participate in some of the Buddhist festivities and his school mates said he would get marked down for it. But he told his teacher he could not participate in any of the New Year celebrations because he is a Christian and it goes against what he believes. His teacher accepted his belief and allowed him to skip some of the festivities that are pagan. He is a leader and exudes joy and love.

Mout and I shared about our ministry and asked prayer for our brother, Chantha who is still in pain from his motorcycle accident several months ago. We ended the night by singing the Fanny Crosby hymn, Blessed Assurance.

Photo credit:  Mout Iv and Victoria.


  1. Dr. Tom is a man after God’s heart and an amazing example of life as a missionary! Hopefully yo and I can meet during the Khmer New Year. I’ve been praying for your guys everyday since we’ve met.

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  2. That is neat that you can meet Christians anywhere in the world and share a bond! I just bought some Sour Patch kids candy for my class party.

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