Walk A Mile In Their Shoes

Cambodia Staff_2018Thank you for praying for our three Hope Now staff members in Cambodia. From left to right, Mout Iv, Van Vath, Chantha Kong. They are champions for Jesus Christ. Each day they reach out to lost men and share the love of God to those in need of hope. Displaced from their own families in the U.S., Mout, Van, and Chantha give unselfishly of themselves and seek to glorify our Lord in all they do. Your prayers of support mean a lot.


  1. My prayers go out to the men in Cambodia keep up the good work we send lots of 💘 and prayers because our lord jesus work in mysterious ways i also pray for the women and kids to keep seeking the lord cause he will never leave us nor forsake us hes everywhere and in everyone’s heart please just believe in him from sis dianne at hope now in fresno California you are always in our hearts jesus loves us all amen

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    1. I wish that i was there to hear the unique prayers but i know jesus takes care of you all lots of love in jesus name again keep up the good work in Cambodia from sister dianne and family of hope now for youth in fresno California its very hot out there but where we seek the at the end can be very refreshing that we can go door to door in the day. Letting people know about Jesus amen again lots of love and prayer to the whole world especially the beauitful Cambodia

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