Flood of Hope

My staff, Chantha, Mout, and Van, back together, and hungry!

The growth of the city of Phnom Penh over the past decade can fool you. Eight years ago the beat down little town was beginning to heal and awaken from the devastation of war. Today, things have changed. From a distance it appears there may be a master plan for this burgeoning city, but look more closely and it is a hodge-podge of buildings erected by foreign investors. Like a tsunami, everything in its path is overcome.

As we made our way through the rising tide of monolithic towers in search of men in need of rescuing, we met about 20 of the 47 new deported arrivals, most of them shell-shocked by being removed from the only country they have known. They are staying in a make shift dormitory, on cots, until they are able to find a place of their own. Our staff made contact with these men to let them know Hope Now will be here if they need help finding a job and getting on their feet. From experience we know many will turn to alcohol and drugs.

This morning I taught a Bible study with several men who have been here for a while. In the study we talked about how there is a war between the Spirit and flesh. This opposition is a battle every man faces. The only way to overcome it is to walk by the Spirit (tough to do!).

Sunday will be an exciting day. After attending church our staff member, Mout Iv and his wife Mary are renewing their wedding vows. They were married several years ago in a cultural wedding with Buddhist trappings. Today they want to reaffirm their vows before God as they have grown in their relationship with Jesus Christ. It is happening on a little boat on the Mekong river. I will be performing the brief ceremony as Mout and Mary stand before God and about 20 of their friends.

Our Battambang staff member, Van Veth and his wife Ravy, made the six-hour trek by van to Phnom Penh and arrived this afternoon. We all enjoyed dinner together at one of the best places to eat in Phnom Penh, Mama’s New York Deli.  Now we gear up for a busy three days; Our second annual staff leadership conference begins on Monday!

Please pray for our staff here as they reach out to the lost and lonely deported men. They are doing a tremendous job and I am proud to serve with them and lend support and encouragement as they grow and help other men do the same along the way. May they bring a flood of hope to those they touch. Thank you for financially supporting Hope Now’s Cambodia work (click here).


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