We Can Only Pray


“Most of the deportees entered the US as refugee children fleeing the Khmer Rouge with their families, and many have never been to Cambodia and don’t speak Khmer.”

The largest group of deportees arrived today. We are going to try and visit some of them tomorrow. It is the single largest group of deportees in the history of the 15-year repatriation program. Since 2010 Hope Now has been involved in helping these men who find themselves lost in a strange and foreign land. This fresh crop of deportees is not only the largest, but is made up of men with chronic mental illness and poor physical heath conditions. We have our work cut out for us.

Even now we struggle to help men who have lost hope. Piseth is one of those. I have known Piseth for several years. Our staff has helped him over and over. For a brief moment we thought he might be getting his life on track, but the alcohol proved too much for him and he could not overcome it.

We found him on the streets today, sitting on a curb drinking cheap and deadly rice wine. He is resigned to sleeping on the streets. We bought him food and he accepted our invitation to pray for him–there was nothing else we could do. He doesn’t even know if he wants help, but until he believes he can pull out of his tailspin, we can only pray.

Will you please pray for our staff here as they are burdened with the new arrivals and the continual help of those already here?

We found him by chance. He was sitting on a curb. 
Assessing his problems. Mout is holding the bottle of rice wine. We dumped it out, but he will buy more.
He tried to justify his situation. All we could do was tell him we love him.
praying for piseth
Prayer is the best and the only thing we could do for him.
roger vendor
We negotiated some food for him.
Woman vendor
A ‘poor’ food vendor on the streets of Phnom Penh. I befriended her and she showed me pictures of her children, ironically on her iPhone 7plus.
C M and Piseth
He knows we care for him.
roger and piseth
I hope he can make a change in his life. He is such a likeable guy. May the Lord bless him and keep him.


  1. Romans 8:5
    Lord I pray for Piseth mind. I pray he will set his mind on what the Spirit desires today: love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. Lord when the desires of the flesh try to weasel their way into Piseth’s mind, give him discernment to recognize them quickly and reject the thoughts competley. In Jesus name i pray, Amen

    Love you pastor. Me and Franky will be praying.

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