Apartment Living In The Penh

apartment livingSaving money is key when traveling. My usual lodging is a hotel, but the price doubled where I have stayed for the past couple of years. I came across an apartment on Booking.com for only $30 per night.

panoThere are not a lot of amenities, but I do have an electric water kettle for coffee (what more does a man need?), two bathrooms, even a washing machine (which I probably will not use). Other than a rooster crowing down below it is quiet. There are tradeoffs in life: A/C is good, wifi is bad.

For the most part, it is clean and comfortable (Remember, the Internet can make anything look good). We will hold our Hope Now staff leadership conference here next week. I save money, have a meeting room, and get a good night’s rest.



  1. Years ago our family stayed in a vacation condo on the California coast. One of my grandsons was only four years old at the time and he blurted out, “Livin’ large in the condo!”

  2. Doesn’t look too bad. Thank for the pictures. Now we can imagine where you are living at least.

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