Ambassador of Reconciliation

IMG_2292Several hours from now I will step through the door of a plane that will transport me on the first leg of my sojourn across the Pacific. Seventeen hours later I board another flight to be delivered to my final destination, Phnom Penh. The day will be long (over 24 hours of travel), but the anticipation of meeting up with my brothers there makes it all worthwhile.

I take this journey seriously–It is long, Cambodia can be dangerous, and it is a place where men are in great need. But I am traveling as an ambassador for Christ, God making his appeal through me for those men to have hope, and to exchange hostility toward God for a friendly relationship with him (2 Corinthians 5:20).

A couple of  the brothers prayed for my mission yesterday in church. Now I ask you to pray for those who are in need. Pray that as an ambassador I will carry the Lord’s message and only His and that it will all bring glory to God.


  1. I’m glad the church prayed for your mission, Roger. I’ve prayed also!!

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