Are Things Changing in the Kingdom of Cambodia?

Things are changing in the Kingdom of Cambodia.  Not for the better.  Traveling to and from Cambodia has been simple and easy.  Over the past eight years, I have been able to enter and work in the country without much fear. But that may change soon.  Danger may be closer than we think, and your prayers will be needed as I travel there to help, assist, and encourage our staff and the men and women who have been deported.

Consider this ominous message today in an article in the Phnom Penh Post entitled, Hun Sen lauds China, lashes out at US.  Hun Sen is quoted as saying:

Hun_Sen_(2016)_cropped“We need NGOs, but some NGOs are the spies, and they serve the foreign agents destroying us”.

NGO is an acronym for Non-Governmental-Organization. In the U.S. we call them Non-profits. Hope Now is a non-profit. Evidently, the Prime Minister believes some U.S. based NGO’s are spies.  We of course are not.  Our mission is to help deported men and women from the United States, find employment and get back on their feet.  All the while sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ and His gift of eternal life.  Yet, at a moment’s notice all of that can be misconstrued.

In fifty-days I will head back to Cambodia.  I look forward, Lord willing, to many trips in the future, but the political climate is changing.  Please be in prayer as I prepare for my next trip.  Some of our needs include, transporation costs, Bibles, housing and assistance for many of the destitute men there, including food and clothing.  I will keep you informed of other specific financial needs in future posts.

Things may be changing, but we need to continue our important work there.  I need you to help us. Will you, please? All donations designated for “Cambodia” go directly to that work.  Your gifts are tax-deductible. To donate to our Cambodia work, click on the Donate link in the menu above. You may designate your gift for Cambodia. Thanks for your financial support and prayer.


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  1. I am a prayer warrior for you and your team. I will be praying a hedge of protection around everyone involved. Our Lord, Jesus Christ,is the light that surrounds you as you go. Walk in peace and assurance that he has you in his hand.

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