His Beloved

[Some brief introductory thoughts from my sermon this morning. I can’t wait to hear more.]

The world and the universe around us  are temporary.  Some believe the universe is expanding, some believe it is contracting.  Either way we are doomed!  If expanding, all energy will be sucked out of our world.  If contracting we will be crushed.

So what is it all for?  If we are ruined either way, what is our purpose for being here? God does have a purpose and desire for us, and it is to rise in the universe to be his sons and daughters, through Christ His Beloved Son!  In eternity, because God found so much favor in His Son, he will do the same for us who believe.  We too, in Christ, are His beloved and His inheritance.  And just as Jesus Christ sits at the right hand of the Father, eternity will be filled with human beings reigning with Him; Saints who believe.  Why? To the praise of his glorious Grace.

Read Ephesians chapter one slowly, and discover more of God’s rich grace for those who are “in Christ”.

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