Chantha Was in an Accident

Please pray for our staff member Chantha.  Last night, around 7:30 PM he was riding his motorcycle when he hit a spot in the road with two potholes. He panicked momentarily and hit the front brake of his bike. The result was he flipped a couple of times in the air before landing and damaging his left knee.  Fortunately his head was proteced with his helmet, but his knee is a mess.

At this moment, our staff member Mout is taking him to Mercy Medical Clinic to have it looked at.  Chantha is unable to walk on it and there is always a fear of infection. Hope Now will cover his medical expenses, since there is no medical insurance in Cambodia. I will keep you updated. Please pray for him.

I have posted a photo of his knee, but be warned, it may be graphic to look at.

Chantha’s knee.


  1. God please put his healing hands over this young man for a fast recovery. In Jesus loving name I pray. Amen 🙏

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