Compassion for the Mentally Ill

dxY7g+LvQWiDyxNe40wXuwThey can’t help it.  It is a genetic disorder affecting their brain. It is frustrating and hard work dealing with those who have mental illness. Fortunately, there are new drugs which can help the chemical imbalance.

There is nothing a caregiver can do to help them, reason with them, or try to convince them of rational thinking. Yet it is important to gently remind them what is real. The mentally ill are living outside of reality.

Whether or not they can be helped, one thing anyone can do when encountering a person with mental illness is to show compassion. Mentally ill people are humans, made in the image of God. He loves them.

This week I have been working with one with this illness. Along the way I encountered several others who have mental issues. When I looked at them, made eye contact with them, I wondered what had happened in their life?  What brought them to the state they are now?  I feel compassion even if they don’t recognize it.

It is Christmas and the new year is upon us. Let us have compassion. Not only during Christmas, but throughout the year. Let’s propose to be kinder next year.



4 Comments on “Compassion for the Mentally Ill

  1. I too have given much thought on this topic.  It is a very difficult to fully understand.  I always wonder how much is self induced because of drug abuse vs DNA.  We all need to be concerned for their souls and pray for God’s intervention in their lives.  He is the great Healer.  He understands even when we don’t.

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