A Dying Date

He called it “a date which will live in infamy“, December 7, 1941.  Today, seventy-six years later, that slogan, coined by our 32nd President, Franklin Delano Roosevelt, still rings true in our nation’s history as wicked and evil. Yet, one has to scour major news outlets to find mention of it. No longer is it emblazoned on the front pages of newspapers and websites. It is replaced by scandals, impeachment threats, and climate change. The date that will live in infamy is dying.  And that is sad.

Are children and young people learning this important history of our great and exceptional nation?  Take a few moments (to honor those who died) and watch the video of President Roosevelt as he addresses the joint session of congress the following day.

2 Comments on “A Dying Date

  1. Wow, That was so enlightening. I didn’t know the govt. was meeting with representatives of Japan seeking peace in the Pacific region! My education was lacking about our history. Think of what is lacking now for the next generation!!

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