Dark Side

It is a rough life.  Some guys adjust well to the new place where they have been deported. Others struggle tremendously.  The environment is harsh and destruction is just around the next corner.  Like any big city, some areas are worse than others.  The depressed guys, the ones with no spiritual support or love, gravitate to the dark side.  Everyone does when left on their own with idle time.  All fall short.  But for a foolish young man it is a deeper, desolate, ruinous fall.

We found some guys who were in that spiritually and emotionally deprived state.  Two of them wanted out, and several were indifferent.  We focused on the ones who wanted to get on their feet, and together we made a plan.  They would have to do their part,  and if they did, we would help them. Drug testing is part of the deal.

The two who agreed to the plan came with us and we found them a safe place (just a room with a toilet and faucet). We made an agreement with the landlord, got them a lock for the door, and some cooking equipment and food. Now they must begin to look for a job.  We will check in with them upon our return from Battambang next Monday.

Please say a prayer for all of these guys.


  1. Praying for these men pastor. I pray they find a job, continue to meet with Hope Now staff and see what an amazing love Christ Jesus has for them. I pray they see that they are not alone and that they can make it out of the dark side and come to the light. The other day as i was driving the bus i had a guy come on that was homeless, dirty clothes, hair was matted, holding a sign asking for money and yet he had a bus pass to pay. For some reason i thought of all the people in Cambodia who are really poor and have no goverment assistance and i thought to myself that even tho this passanger thinks he is homeless, he dosent really know what poor means. I pray for all the people in Cambodia who have lived there for years and for thoes who just arrived not knowing how to survive. Thank you pastor for having a heart to go out of your comfort zone to be obediant to our Lord and being the light in such a dark place. We love and miss you.

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