Jet Lag Day

Taking the first day slow and steady wins the race.  There are sixteen to go. I met up with two staff members for. baseball and renewing our friendships. The playoff game was on at a sport’s bar. They served breakfast and coffee for us! For my sake, the Dodgers won.

My usual driver, Sarom, opened little coffee stand. He does not drive as much now.  However, he told me he would be on standby for me for my time here because we are friends. Sarom has always been a good driver.  For one, he puts safety first, but also he has never gouged me for money. Whatever I want to pay him is okay with him. I reward him for that.

We made a stop by his little coffee stand. Coffee is big here. His daughter was working there. He got behind the stand and made us coffee for free (but we paid his daughter).  The coffee is by pour-over and it was excellent.

One of our Hope Now guys is having trouble on his job.  He has been slipping back into his old habits and his employer asked if we would come by and speak with him.  My staff, Mout and Chantha did an excellent job speaking tough love, but also encouragement and hope.  Pray for this deportee. Pray — he will be strong in the Lord and not fall back into old, destructive habits.

My day ended early, and I got a lot of sleep.  It is morning as I write this and I am raring to see what God has in store for us today.  First up, Bible study in Romans 5.




  1. Glad to hear you were able to get some rest. Thanks for the pics. That coffee looks fantastic. Continuing to pray for the Holy Spirit’s prompting and power.

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