Dresses and Bibles Over The Pacific

At the moment I am 30,000 feet over the Pacific, on my way to Taiwan, then boarding another flight bound for Phnom Phen.  The 21st century brings us Wifi in the air!  I will land in Taipei in about 3 hours.

This is an exciting trip because I not only get to see my brothers and my staff in Cambodia, but I am also carrying precious cargo.  First, I have a lot of Bibles. These are in English and we will give them to  the deportees who do not have a Bible.  I have complete Bibles with me and several New Testaments.  Fortunately, these can be brought into Cambodia without fear, so I’m not smuggling!

On a different spectrum, I am carrying 42 colorful dresses from Dress A Girl Around The World. Several ladies from First Presbyterian Church in Fresno  completed this labor of love and presented them last week to my colleague, Pastor Bryce Naylor. Read about this wonderful ministry to girls around the world. Our plan is to distribute the dresses in the city and surrounding area of Battambang.

It’s a privlege to travel to Cambodia and I thank God for opening the door.  Sharing the Word of God and encouraging brothers and sisters who are often forgotten is something I look forward to.

Seventeen hours in the air is worth the time I will get to spend with friends, new and old. Thanks for your prayers.  I hope you’ll stay tuned to my website for the next three weeks.


  1. Thats so amazing and encouraging Pastor. Thank you for all you do in spreading Gods word. I can only pray me and Franky can have the same opportunity. Will be checking your post to see all the exciting places that God leads you. Love you Pastor

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  2. God bless you and your wonderful Cambodian staff too! You are definetly an encouragement to them! I too will be praying that those that you touch for the Kingdom of God are receptive.

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