Lost on the Streets of Phnom Penh

Dirty, dangerous, depressing; Three adjectives which describe what it is like on the streets of Phnom Penh, Cambodia.  It is on these streets where we found Piseth.  He is a deportee from Long Beach, California.  Some deportees find their way, even in a strange land, but not Piseth.  He has struggled with alcohol and holding down a job.  His last job only paid about $100 per month.  But he couldn’t keep it.

We knew of Piseth and his struggles.  Last week our staff hit the streets to look for him. Our staff member Mout found him, took him to dinner, and found him a guest house stay for a few nights.  The guest house is $8 per night and includes a bed, fan, desk, bathroom and shower.  Mout purchased noodles for him to eat for breakfast.

Hope Now is searching for a permanent place for Piseth.  Our staff thinks they can find a place for $75 to $100 a month.  We will help him for three months and work with him to get back on his feet.

Piseth is not the only young man suffering depression from deportation.  There are hundreds.  We have a limited budget to help them, but it doesn’t cost much.  Our goal is to help these men from being lost on streets and help them find hope.

If you would like to be a part of helping our Cambodia work, you can designate your gift to this ministry at https://hopenowforyouth.org/donate/.  You can designate all or part of your gift for Cambodia.  We need your help. Thanks.


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