Fasten Your Seat Belt

It is a short trip, but being 9,000 miles away from home makes two-weeks seem a lot longer. I arrive in Phnom Penh next Wednesday. Getting things ready for a Cambodia journey is  a challenge.  I don’t mean packing my bags—that is the easy part.  Carol jokes about me being a seasoned traveler (I’m not). I can pack my bags on the morning of my departure (I won’t).

What takes time is getting things ready at home.  I like to make sure our cars are in top running condition, so I have spent the past two weeks taking them into the shop for oil changes and other necessary fixes.  There are things to get done around our house too—making sure the pool is balanced so I don’t come home to a green mess. Replacing light bulbs, cleaning up the yard, pruning shrubs. Even a visit to the dermatologist!  And then there are Bible studies to teach, communion service and resurrection Sunday to celebrate.

The paramount thing to do is to make sure my heart is ready for the trip—not my actual heart (although that’s not a bad idea); a better word than heart is “mind”.  Cambodia is exotic to some (It is actually called, the Kingdom of Cambodia), yet it is a country in spiritual darkness.  Idol worship and ancestor worship are on every corner.  And while they put on a good face, the deported men I meet with are often discouraged and mired in despair.  They miss their families and loved ones in the United States.  I want to be prepared in my mind to minister to them, to give them my attention and encourage them in the Lord.

Empty religion is everywhere.

Having traveled enough times to Cambodia, I know there will be spiritual forces attempting to thwart any advances of Christ’s love to those I will visit. Attacks will come, sometimes from friend, sometimes foe. Pray I will be filled with the Holy Spirit, that I will put on the armor of God each day, and that Jesus Christ is evident through me.  Nine thousand miles is a long way from home, but our LORD is near. There is a lot of falsehood and deceit lurking.  The apostle Paul writes, “Fasten the belt of truth.”  Buckle up and join me. Get ready for action.


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  1. Praying for wisdom, attentiveness to the Holy Spirit, strength and power to be what you are called to be and do. I always enjoy your blogs. God speed.


  2. I’ll be praying for you, Roger. I know the Lord will bless your heart and desire to spread His love, even if you don’t always have the opportunity to see immediate results. You and Carol will be upheld in prayer by all who know and love you both!

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  3. I have been praying for you as you prepare and travel to Cambodia. I pray for the men you will be meeting. Be strong and courageous! Thank you for getting the cars fixed and getting the house in order. I appreciate you so much!


  4. Will be praying not only for you and this trip but for Carol your family and your home. Go on Jesus name, telling the good news.


  5. WordPress must be captilistic–attempting to get more business! Thank you for trying, and now we know that only registered WordPress users can “Like” a post (I did not know that). Nevertheless, your comment is even better! Thank you for taking the time to write it and for your prayers! ~Roger


  6. Roger, I tried to ‘like’ your post but WordPress wanted to set up a web/blog account for me when I tried to register. Just wanted to “like” because I do so appreciate your posts, though it breaks my heart that these men and wife, were sent there with no recourse to return home, while across the Southern boarder, those who have criminal records continue to come into the states and they are not seeking the Lord but to cause harm. Anyway, your posts remind me to keep those you are meeting in prayer and to ask the Lord to put a shield of protection around you as you travel to such a demonic filled location.

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