Visa to the Kingdom

Seasoned travellers know one does not (legally) waltz into a country and expect to be welcomed with open arms. That is not the way it happens in most countries of the world. One must prepare.

The first order of business is to get, along with a passport, a visa.  The visa process for Cambodia is easy and costs $40 (Seven years ago, the cost was $25, so inflation has raised its ugly head).  There are two ways to get a visa.  The best way is to do it online. After a few simple questions and filling out pertinent info, a visa is e-mailed within two days if everything is in order.  The least desirable way is to wait until getting to the country and filling out all the paperwork in country. I like to get off the plane, grab my luggage and get moving.

The point being…I received my visa today.  Here it is (minus all sensitive data).

I am travelling next month to check out our Hope Now ministry and lead the Institute for Pastoral Leadership and Development.  I will be spending a couple of days training young pastors.  There are a few costs that have not been covered; Perhaps you would like to be a part of this training process?

Here are additional costs:

Transportation $200 (to bus in participant from outlying areas)

Meals: $120

Hotel accommodations: $120

Books and materials: $225

Total: $665

The easiest way to give is to go to our secure online site:

Your gift is tax deductible as allowed by law, and you will receive an end of the year receipt for your giving.  Thanks for coming along with me.

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