Something Greater Than Ourselves

Everyone has a bias about deportation.  We all lean a certain way. Many are partial toward certain groups of people. Some may have a fixed idea of what our government should do about it, or may even be close-minded and intolerant of other beliefs.  It is human nature to have prejudice, yet regardless of ones proclivity to see groups of people deported or not deported, for the Christian the desire must be to preach the Gospel, to share the good news; The good news of everlasting life promised to all who believe in Jesus.  Everything else is a distraction.


It was in November of 2010 when I first worked with deportees to Cambodia. A dear friend was a victim of  the continuing immigration sweep of sending Cambodian/American legal residents to that country.  Since 2010, hundreds more young men continue to be separated from their families in the United States and thrust into a place they had never visited, a strange and foreign world.  That is a fact; it is reality.  Now, what to do about it?

For the past seven years I have made multiple trips to Phnom Penh, the capital city, to establish a church and a program to help the hundreds of displaced men and some women.  We have made great strides.  Several years ago Chantha, a deportee himself, was licensed as a pastor and has been faithful in leading Bible studies and providing spiritual guidance for many men and women. Chantha is also on staff of Hope Now for Youth and works with the difficult process of helping these deportees get jobs.  The progress is slow, but steady.

In forty-five days, I am heading back to Phnom Penh, for two-weeks, to do something I have not done before; Lead the Institute for Pastoral Leadership and Development. The goal is to develop more deportees as pastors and leaders. There will only be a few participants.  The training will teach them in how to lead people, how to use tools to study the Word of God, how to preach the Word of God, and how to apply God’s Word.

Many reading this have enjoyed my posts and reports from Cambodia over the years; perhaps you would like to do more?  My trip is paid for.  Hope Now For Youth, has covered most of costs.  But this year, since I am leading the Institute, there are other costs. Will you join me?  By taking part, it will put you on the front lines in developing pastors and leaders in a foreign country.

Here are additional costs:

Transportation $200 (to bus in participant from outlying areas)

Meals: $120

Hotel accommodations: $120

Books and materials: $225

Total: $665

If you would like to be a part of this adventure, you may give a tax-deductible gift to Hope Now Bible Church, Fresno, California.  The easiest way is to give online by going to our site at myEoffering, located here:

img_1435Any funds we receive over and above the total needed will apply to the Cambodia work (there are many other costs not listed).

I would love to have you join me, and I promise to keep those who support this work updated so you can see how God is using your love gift.

Forty-five days and counting and I will be in the air and on my way.  I am glad you are going with me.


  1. Thank you, Linda. It is good to hear from you! I have contacted you via, Messenger. Thanks again for your support!


  2. Hi Roger, I would like to begin sending $50.00 a month to support your ministry. I don’t like to put out my info on line so can you send me the address for Hope Now. I want to be a prayer partner for the ministry, and for you and Carol. Thank you


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