One in Christ

The last Sunday worship service at Calvary Chapel, Water of Life Church. Eleven of us in all attended from Hope Now Cambodia: Chantha and Sharon, Sa, Tino, Sam, Veasna, Mout, his wife Mary, and his little son, Abel; Bait, and me.

For Mout, it was the first time his family had been in church together (his son is only 3 months old). It was a joy to see he is leading his family to Christ. I love Mout’s wife, Mary. She is Cambodian and instead of calling me Pastor, she calls me Master! We all get a laugh out of that.

I was asked to share a brief word of encouragement, through a pastor/interpreter. It is difficult to speak with an interpretor because the speaker must pause after every sentence. I would have like to say more (and have been more articulate) but my main point was that regardless of where we are from, we are all one in Jesus Christ.

The singing was wonderful. We sang songs in both Khmer (Cambodian) and English. Of course, I just hummed along during the Khmer songs since I don’t know the language. The pastor spoke from Romans 8 on our hope in the Lord, even though we suffer in this world.

After, we all went out for a buffet lunch. The rest of the day was one of rest. The temperatures soared today and the best place to be was inside.

Tomorrow is my last full day here. I am going on a ‘fishing expedition’ again with several of the brothers. We don’t know where God will lead us, but I will be sure to share with a post of our journeys.

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