Darkness and Light

The Gospel of John is a book I have been reading with the guys this week. John presents a motif throughout his gospel of spiritual “darkness and light.” Every culture has spiritual darkness and light. Some cultures are better at hiding darkness. In Cambodia, darkness and light mix it up in the open for all to see.

~Buddhist monks receiving obligatory gifts from a gauntlet of worshippers in the marketplace. A woman offering prayers before false idols for all to see: Darkness.

~A flower blooming among debris. A Christian man (Chantha) sharing his faith with a Buddhist man: Light.

~Power and money not used for good: Darkness.

~Christian fellowship and the Word of God being shared to some who believe and others who don’t: Light.

My goal during this trip is to help men who are believers see the importance of letting light shine.

Can you find examples of darkness and light where you live? How can you be light today?

“Walk while you have the light, lest darkness overtake you.” ~Jesus

“We are not of the night or the of the darkness.” ~Paul

Thank you for reading and for your prayers. Please leave a comment.

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