Before heading to see a movie last night with my friend Sam, we stopped off for dinner. Chinese sounded good. Maybe some vegetables, prawns, chicken, rice, etc.?

The menu had pictures, so it made ordering easy. I was thinking chicken nuggets. So when I ordered, “Chickenknee”, it sounded Chinese. Go ahead, say it out loud, “Chickenknee”–Sounds Chinese, right? “Must be their way of saying chicken nuggets” I mused.

The waitress looked at my friend Sam and said something in Khmer. I asked him, “What is she saying?” He replied, “She’s asking is that the dish you want?” “Yes, that’s what I want! I want chicken nuggets.” “Okay, She wanted to confirm your order.” He smiled. 

When the plate came, it looked like the picture; just what I had ordered, chicken nuggets. When I popped one in my mouth, it dawned on me. “Sam?”, I said, with a somewhat sinking feeling, “Am I eating the knees of chickens?” “Yes, pastor. That’s why she asked you when you ordered. Was that what you wanted?” Oh.

Have you ever tasted a little knee cap crunching in your mouth?



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