Water of Life

We worshipped the Lord today. I waited in the courtyard of my hotel for Chantha and Sharon to come and pick me up. Water of Life is a growing church with a diversity of people, both locals and foreigners with lots of young people who are excited about Jesus and his Word.

The church is similar to Hope Now Bible Church in that the service comprises singing, prayer requests and the preaching of the Word. The difference is, the service lasts for two hours! There are four pastors who share the preaching duties. The young pastor today preached from Romans 8.

The leader of the group is pastor Kurt. Kurt and his wife Kendell are missionaries with Calvary Chapel. They’ve been here for three years. Prior to that they were working in Poland. They have four beautiful children.

Pastor Kurt and I hit it off right away. Like Carol and me, they are from So. Cal. (Huntington Beach), and we discovered that we have mutual friends. The Christian world is a small world. Kendall’s sister lives in Fresno!

Several of our Hope Now Cambodia friends came to church with us today, and we all went out for coffee afterwards. It was fun to spend time with Sam, Bait, China, Chantha and Sharon.

Tomorrow morning I am meeting up with Sam for Bible study before he goes to work. Sam is a good friend and I love being around him. If he were in Fresno I would hire him in a minute (although he and Johnny would be a handful).

It was a great day with wonderful people.IMG_8034IMG_8035IMG_8037IMG_8038IMG_8039IMG_8040IMG_8043IMG_8044

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