Fellowship and Grace

A good day is one that begins with Bible study. This morning I led a Bible study with these men, Mout, Beit, and Chantha. We enjoyed coffee and breakfast. I had eggs, bacon and English muffin with cheese (only $3–Thanks for buying Chantha!). We discovered the grace of Jesus from John, chapter 5.

After Bible study, Chantha dropped me off at a local market; I rode on the back of his Moto. He is a safe driver, but it was still a wild ride through the streets of Phnom Penh.

I met my good friend for lunch. Sam and I have been friends since 2010 and we have had several adventures together. I enjoyed eating Sopas de Pollo, catching up with him on what’s going on in his life and encouraging him (and he me!).

Cambodia is a difficult place to live. All of these men are doing their best to stay strong. Some are fighting the good fight of the faith; others are learning to. Please pray for them all.IMG_8016IMG_8020IMG_8023

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